Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth day

It was a beautiful day full of flowers and strawberries. It was also an excellent day on the moon calendar to plant. It is always good to consult the farmers almanac moon calendar before planting. I've found it makes a huge difference on the growth of my plants.

There was a lot of  work to be done to get our summer planting in place.
There is a lot more pressure to grow food now that my urban farm experiment has become a cafe.
I started by taking out the compost to our new beds to be planted and get them ready with nutrients. We had already removed the winter crop-favas which are rich in nitrogen and let the chickens do their job in the chicken tractor.

Look at this amazingly rich compost - It's been composting for about 6 months.

It all went to the tomato patch along with a few buckets of chicken manure -mmhhhhh!
Awesome work team!

This are the potato towers that we started. It is good to grow potatoes like this in chicken wire columns because the soil does not get very saturated and you add soil as the plat grows. When the potato plant reaches the top and the the potatoes have grown you simply pull the tower and the potatoes come out instead of having to dig for them.

We also planted all my little squash, pumpkin and beans sprouts, and corn seeds on the keyhole planter for the three sister as companion plants. They work well together because the corn provides climbing support for the beans, the beans provide nitrogen, and the zucchinis provide leaf mass and shade for the other plants to retain the moisture in the soil

We got a tomato patch!!! 9 different varieties
I will also plant some bush beans so they can provide nitrogen and shade at the base of the plants.

The best part is going back to the office smelling like manure and dirty hands- adventures in lunch time farming

Happy earth day today and everyday!

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