Monday, February 14, 2011

Blessed Bee

After 2 years of being a bee tenderer, I finally decided it was time to join the San Francisco Bee Keepers Association. Over this last two years I have read and researched a lot about bees, I have gone to classes and workshops, and I have asked many questions to a lot of people. I went into this with pretty much zero knowledge and two years later I can tell you I know a lot about bees, but as with most things in life, there comes a point when you know so much to realize that you don't know anything.

Last week as I was inspecting my new hive 'Gloria' I noticed something really odd. There were multiple eggs per cell. See the picture below, you can see the multiple eggs per cell.

This can happen when working bees start laying eggs if there is no queen. 

This was not the case with my hive because the queen was present in the hive. Here's a picture of my lovely queen. 

Here's a picture of a normal egg laying patter. Only one egg per cell.

I did some research on this and I could not find any answers, so I went to the bee keepers meeting to ask the experts. Turns out they were just as perplexed as I was and did not know what was happening. One possible answer might be that because my queen is new (I got her last year in September at the end of the season, so she is just starting to lay eggs) she is still learning how to do this and might correct her behavior. Hopefully that is the case otherwise they recommended I get a new queen. 

I am happy I finally joined the SFBA, there was some really good information presented as well as the devastating news of so many hives dying in the city. It is really important to continue our efforts to learn and understand what is causing the deaths of this hives.

I am looking forward to another year with my bees and continue to learn about them and contribute to the bee association.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Foodscaping the business is born

Friday February the 4th was the official birth date of Foodscaping as an official business. 
I found this to be an auspicious date as it was Chinese new years and a new moon, a good time to start new things. Plus spring is everywhere in the city and I can't help but feel inspired with so much beauty.

 Foodscaping will offer design and installation of edible landscapes as well as consultation on any urban farming related issues.

I have been doing this for awhile but I have finally registered as a business. There are many factors for me doing this now, but one of the biggest ones is having a beautiful space to run my business from. Last month we signed the lease on a shop on Harrison St. and 18th which will be the headquarter for Foodscaping. I will be sharing the space with Rob Bell and we will eventually have a store/gallery selling local artist stuff as well as urban farming paraphernalia. 

There's lots of work to be done to remodel the space before we officially open it, but for now I want to invite you to celebrate the opening of my business and a soft launch of the space Tuesday night, starting at 6:30 at 2147 Harrison St.

 We will have drinks and magic curry cart will be there serving some food

Hope you can join us to celebrate the birth of Foodscaping.