Sunday, March 20, 2011

Algarden Cafe debut in SF

Algarden Candelight Dinner

What: 4 course Vegetarian dinner,  featuring mustard greens, snap peas, kale, chard, cabbage and meyer lemons
When: Saturday, March 26th at 7:00pm. Limited Space, RSVP by Wednesday morning
Where: The Zomicile 2149 Harrison St. (At 18th St. Mission District, SF)
How Much: Dinner is $30 + cash bar (non alcoholic mint iced tea included)

Good news City people: the Algarden Cafe is coming to you!

For those of you who have not experienced the Algarden because it was in the East Bay and on a week day, you now get to enjoy it in the Mission, on a weekend night as a 4 course candle lit dinner in the Zomicile, Foodscaping's new home.

If you are unfamiliar with the Algarden cafe history and Mission here is a little bit of background.
In the winter of 2010, after two years of working the soils at the Algarden, we had a bounty of food, way more than what I and the neighbors could eat. I teamed up with Julia Abbassi creator of the community supported bread "Pandora's box" to collectively advance our passions for urban agriculture and local food production through the establishment of the Algarden Café. We prepared meals that celebrate local agriculture, fresh ingredients harvested at the peak of ripeness, and strengthened of the relationship between producers and consumers.

Unfortunately Julia had to move away but chefs Rachel Brand and Anna McGaraghan took over and were able to continue the tradition with new recipes.

The meals are composed nearly entirely of fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, honey and eggs from the garden, and each course is intended to showcase the ingredients so customers can fully appreciate the flavor, texture and experience of eating farm-fresh food. The lunches are served at the garden itself and include an educational lesson, which typically focus on the ingredients used in the meal. Topics have included seed saving, cross-pollination, the wide world of Brassicas, the use of chickens in a garden for fertilizer, pest management and egg production.

The Algarden Cafe’s goal is to build community and increase awareness and value for locally produced, organic fare through the common medium of food. The café is a small-scale endeavor but since its inception we have attracted a wide range of customers, some already interested in local food and others who have become interested since experiencing the café and eating in the garden. We have also catered for a local conference on Regenerative Landscapes in Urban Areas for staff from cities of the greater Bay Area. At the conference, our
model was highlighted as an on-the-ground example of how to implement the principles and values that many of the cities espouse.

Join us fot the Algarden cafe in San Francisco this Saturday.

RSVP by Wednesday to