Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Winter bee keeping - February 2010

Ants decided to move into the bee hive. Very convenient, it is dry and there is plenty of food. I probably do the same if I were an ant. But the bees were not happy, they were frustrated, and they got enough with me as a thief. I did some research on what do do about ant prevention gather all my materials and executed. 

Started by brushing off  the invaders

The problem was that the hive was resting on a wood palate and it was easy for the ants to climb into the hive. I had to place the hive in a table with legs and put cans with oil at the base of the legs to keep the ants off. I had a perfect little table at home for the operation.

The boxes were completely sealed with wax. I had not opened the hive all winter.

They also started building some hive in between boxes.

This is the brooding. It looked good - plenty of larva in process.

I did not find the queen but I'm sure she's there.

There was also still plenty of honey. Even with the invaders. I'm excited for this years harvest!

Giancarlo was trapping the bees on their flight back and collecting the pollen directly from their legs to eat.

Here is the new set up. I hope it solves the ant problem

And here is the garden full of winter greens. I had never eaten so many fresh veggies in the winter. 

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lartegui said...

Congrats from the heart! You'll have to come and orient us our here in SLP, Mexico who are really motivated to cultivate and enjoy nature. We got several groups interested, so get yourself out here!