Friday, March 6, 2009

March 2009 - Social Monarch Buterfly

We were blessed with a beautiful monarch butterfly that made our garden her home during migration. 

Also my mother and brother came to visit and help out in the garden

It was great to have them there and experience the space

Even though it was late in the winter our garden was full of veggies

We built a swale to prevent the low part of the garden from getting flooded 

The key hole planter got planted

The potato patch came up


We harvested a bunch of veggies to make a special birthday dinner


I love being able to share the garden with my friends in many ways and show them my appreciation by cooking them healthy meals

Even though they make fun of me for becoming SO Berkeley- They are right.
 I better move, SOON

Everybody loved it

I'm extremely fortunate with a great group of friends

It was a great birthday, thanks to all my beautiful friends and family.

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