Sunday, April 5, 2009

April 09- Zome Production

The Algarden Greenhouse Zome Production Day

Ready to work!

All the pieces that we assembled at the shop

Painting the outside pieces

Building the trex  ring base

Ahmed pounding the re bar

Mike drilling the base together

Rob and Giancarlo

Carli and David painting away

Annelise and Anthony helping with the paint

The plastic was cut to match the frames- Dan got blister from all his precise exacto knife cuttings

The plastic was then stapled to the frame

Alex was Mr. task master and made sure all the staples were properly placed 

Once the plastic is set then we matched the frames with the back frame

Ahmed was on quality control 

There was chilling down time too

Royal getting his first farming experience

P power

Paul showing his support

Jenn and Brian were there helping even with a broken leg

Annelise documented the entire process

Amph and Taca

Carli and David

Once all the pieces were ready, Rob began attaching them

Each piece has an HDPE strip that connects it to the other

Slidind the pieces together was very easy

Anthony and Rob starting to attach the bottom pieces to the base ring

Looking good

And that was it for that day. It was getting late and we were all tired from a long day of work- till next weekend.

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