Saturday, April 19, 2014

Swarm time!

In the springtime, there is a short window to catch a phenomenal activity. And if you’re lucky–like we were today–you can experience the swarming of bees.
A new honey bee colony is formed when the queen bee leaves with a large group of worker bees (~60% of the old hive). This process is called swarming. It is the hive natural reproduction process, the bees that stay behind make a new queen.


The day started off perhaps more hectic than usual. It’s tax day here, after all. A lingering thought to check on the bees got us on our bikes and down a few blocks to the Algarden Demonstration Farm. And of course, the bees were swarming. We jumped into our suits and rounded them off the tree and into a box.
The ladies.
Patricia & her bees.
We set ten fresh frames into the box and guided as many of the worker bees in the direction of the queen…
We will name this hive: blood moon
…popped some fresh blueberries and back to our taxes!
Remember the bees everyone! And stay close for more news on Patricia’s new non-profit: International Natural Beekeeping Federation.
Bee 4

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