Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Algarden Cafe Dinner

We had our first Algarden Cafe "Candlelight Dinner" at the Zomicile and it was beautiful!
I'm really delighted with the outcome, it was delicious and charming. And overall I believe everybody had a really good time.

I want to start by thanking the team that made this possible. Starting from the left Pei-Yee working on the awesome desserts, Chef Stephanie did and outstanding job converting my veggies into delicious culinary combinations and the amazing Rob Bell, who made the tables, the Algarden cafe sign, helped me set up and bar-tended.Thank you so much! I also want to thank Giancarlo Muscardini, our head farmer, who was not able to make it to the dinner, but he is a huge part of making all this food a reality.

And here is the spread

Grilled favas

Lettuces, strawberries, blue cheese, edible flowers

Red beets, beet greens, chard, chives

Dinosaur and russian kale, lemon, borage

Daikon radish, radish greens, preserved lemons, arugula

Parsnips, chipotle aioli, parsley, lemon

French lentils, fava greens, onions, roasted potatoes, eggs

The flower arrangements came from the garden too, cilantro and carrot flowers.

The desserts were equally impressive

Strawberry and lemon curd pastries

Honey and pistachio caramels

Meyer lemon and lavender bars

It was really delicious and people were happy and excited to be participating in this true farm to table experience

The setting was lovely and I was amazed at the incredible combination of flavors and the amount of food that we got from the garden. We served dinner for 20.

This is how the veggies looked before, freshly harvested the night before the dinner

We talked about our mission for doing this work and bringing people closer to their food source. In this case the produce traveled 13 miles, a mere one percent of the national average for any food item on the grocery store!

I was very happy to see every body enjoying themselves and I'm looking forward to planning another one later this summer

Keep your eyes open for the next Algarden dinner, you do not want to miss it!

Thank you very much!

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