Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sun flower invasion

A few weeks ago some unexpected sunflower seedlings germinated on the zome green house. I thought about  transplanting them but as usual I got distracted with some other chore in the garden and left it for later. Later soon became too late. The sun flower seedlings turned into sunflower trees and pooped out of the zome through the opened windows.

I found it pretty amusing at first and cute to have sunflowers coming out of the zome, but they continued to grow and grow and they have now surpassed the zome height (10')

This sunflowers are now about 12' to 14' high with trunks up to 10" diameter

They are spilling over the side

They have completely taken over the zome. I want my green house back!

however the bees and the squirrels are loving the sunflowers pollen and seeds 

Look at that guy taking the entire head of the sun flower. I wonder how it lost it's tail.

No dejes para mañana los girasoles que puedas sacar hoy....

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