Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 08- Hoop house

We decided to build a hoop house to have a place to start our seeds and extend our growing season and grow tropical plants that require more heat in the summer. And because I've always wanted to have a greenhouse....

Cleared the area to sheet mulch

Lots of hard work and some dancing...

I gathered all the PVC from Urban Ore a refurbished material shop in Berkeley.

Covered the cardboard with mulch from an old pine that got sick on the site and was removed and mulched.

We connected the side hoops with a top PVC line to give it more structure

Lunch and beer under the shade of the plum tree. The least I can do to help all my beautiful helpers

We covered the PVC hoops with a UV protected plastic.
We also added Bamboo on the sides to provide a stronger structure.

Alex was doing some heat calculations with his new iphone

It works. I got immediately hot in there. So hot that we had to figure out some shade. But that will be on the next work party...

Giancarlo added a gate from his garden to the Algarden for easier access.

We also added two new beds, a short one and a long one along all the short ones to experiment a different orientation. It was late on the season so we bought plants that were ready to be planted versus starting from seed.

Good job!

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