Monday, September 21, 2009

September 09- Chicken cribs & Seed Collection

This summer the garden was extremely bountiful and we left all plants go to see to collect  and use those seeds for next year

Of course we started the day with the Hello Kitty tattoo tradition. It gives you power!
Ella really like it.


Beautiful group of helpers


That was the wall of sunflowers that needed to be removed

Marylin did an outstanding job

Look at her! mixing in the horse manure into the soils. We got this horse manure for free from the stables of Tilden park.


Saving the sun flower seeds before the squirrels and the birds take them all


There were a lot of seeds

More seed collection



The zome also needed some fixing

Rob came up with this beautiful looking connector to keep the panels in place


David finishing the outside pannels

Becky hard at work-she was sweating!


It was Andreas birthday so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to build the chicken crib and show it off

It was awesome to watch them build it

Rusty and Andreas worked for months on this design for a small, modular, easy to assemble, chicken crib for all urban gardens. Rob cut all the parts in his shop with the CNC bot.

It's like a chicken dance

Kids loved it

yes, it works for the kids


Chicks like it too


But now we had to test the real chickens

Giancarlo let us borrow his chickens for the test


Andreas got the most beautiful one


Check, check-good!

And it works!!!

They seem to like it

yeah they approve!



And it was great entertainment for the kids


Look at that- isn't it beautiful? this is truly the designer version of an urban farm.
Who else has a greenhouse that looks like a jewel and a designer chicken crib?
  you can get your own, check out their web site:

And as always there was a lot of chilling under the shade of the fruit trees. I love this garden and being able to share it with my friends

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