Tuesday, September 9, 2008

September 08- Fertilizing Trees

There were a few existing fruit trees in the garden that Matt and Jane had planted when they first moved there. The trees needed a lot of care, punning and mulching.
The existing fruit trees are apricots, two different kinds of plums, mayer lemons, tree different apples and a volunteer peach. Except for the peach they are all delicious!

We got the organic compost for free from the City of Berkeley. Even though the City claims that their compost is tested and is all good Giancarlo doesn't trust it to be used on our annual veggies, you can never be sure what people put on their compost pile, but it was good enough to be used to fertilize the trees. Harmful metals, if existing, would not reach the fruit in a tree.

We follow the same principle of sheet mulching around the base of the tree. Adding the compost around the base of the trunk.

This should help the trees out for next season

Our veggies are starting to produce

Mini pumpkin

Tomatoes and basil

Japanese cucumber


We also planted a few wild flowers, even though it was really late in the season and they didn't grow that much, they made a lot of seeds for next year.

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